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Radiant Floor Heating Kit

Covers up to 150 sq. ft. of surface area, perfect for radiant heating under floor coverings such as tile or wood laminate in any room. Install over existing floors or concrete/wood subfloors.


Voltage: 110 - 120 VAC or 220 - 240VAC

Current: 12.5A (Max. 15A) 

Power: 7 - 21 W/sq. ft.


Kit Includes: 1 x roll of heater elements (69 ft.), 1 x roll of 3-wire flat non-heating cable (25 ft.), 15 x splice connectors, 1 x ratchet crimping tool, 1 x roll of insulating tape (6 ft.), 1 x terminal block, 1 x junction box,  1 x HEAT ROLL™ Smart Controller (thermostat sold separately)